Sounding Out the Space

An International Conference on the Spatiality of Sound


DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama

DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama is a conservatoire centre of excellence for education in the performing arts. It offers high quality, performance-based study programmes in music from age 3 through to doctoral study, an undergraduate programme in drama performance, and courses for adults. In addition, the Conservatory has developed an active research profile in the areas of historical musicology, performance practice, pedagogy, source studies and composition. Our staff and students produce a wealth of research outputs that make a significant contribution to our understanding and knowledge of the performing arts.

Dublin School of Creative Arts

The Dublin School of Creative Arts provides a wide range of innovative, interdisciplinary, and professional level educational and research programmes in visual communications, multimedia design, illustration, interior design, furniture design, product design, painting, scultpture, printmaking, printing technology, print management and publishing. As one of the first departments to relocate to the new Grangegorman campus, the school has striven to transform the location into a genuinely interdisciplinary space for the creation of innovative art and design.


The Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media (GradCAM) is an exciting collaborative initiative of national and all-island significance which builds on the expertise of the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), the National College of Art & Design (NCAD), the University of Ulster (UU), and the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dún Laoghaire (IADT). These institutions are working in close collaboration with each other and with a range of national and international networks to realise the Graduate School. The School is a shared space of structured doctoral studies and research support – what has come to be known as “fourth-level” education: the School is a centre for creative research development; the School is a framework for critical interdisciplinary dialogue; and the School operates as a permeable institution of enquiry that facilitates, promotes and leads the interaction between cultural practice, educational practice and the everyday world of work and innovation beyond the academy.



The Contemporary Music Centre (CMC)

The Contemporary Music Centre is Ireland's archive and resource centre for new music, supporting the work of composers throughout the Republic and Northern Ireland. The centre is a relevant, resourceful and recognisable force in the documentation, development and promotion of Contemporary Music in Ireland. CMC meets the needs of a wide variety of interest groups: composers, performers, musicologists, teachers, students and reaches a range of audiences including music enthusiasts, other artforms, children and young people in its support to contemporary music.

Glucksman logo

The Lewis Glucksman Gallery

The Lewis Glucksman Gallery is a cultural and educational institution that promotes the research, creation and exploration of the visual arts. Located at the main entrance to University College Cork on Western Road, the Glucksman is an award-winning building that includes display spaces, lecture facilities, a riverside restaurant and gallery shop.


The Society for Musicology in Ireland

The Society for Musicology in Ireland (SMI) was founded in 2003 to serve the growing community of musicologists in Ireland. Membership in SMI is open to all interested in musicological research, individuals as well as institutions, libraries and organisations. In addition to our annual plenary and graduate conferences, the society supports and promotes a wide range of musicological activities and scholarly events, through which we offer a forum for information and exchange of ideas for all those interested in concepts and questions regarding Historical Musicology, Ethnomusicology, and Systematic Musicology.

Solstice logo

The Solstice Gallery

Solstice is a home where we invite artists and communities to connect with us in our own special way. We programme a diverse range of music, theatre, visual arts, cinema and dance from local and international artists and companies. The architecture and quality of the building demand that we go beyond programming to embrace a positive ambition. The Arts Centre supports the work of artists so that they have access to a place where they can develop and explore their practice in exciting ways. We create, curate, commission and produce unique events of a wider significance. Through work we have commissioned and co-produced, we have premiered in New York, Chicago, London, Seattle to name a few and been represented in Prague and even a Venice Biennale...bringing a small bit of the palindrome with us wherever we go.

spatial music collective logo

The Spatial Music Collective

The Spatial Music Collective is a group of like-minded Dublin-based composers working in the field of spatial contemporary music. Since 2006 they have presented numerous performances of new musical works with a dynamic and novel spatial component, incorporating both electronic and acoustic forces. The collective seeks to foster an awareness of contemporary and experimental music through the creation of new work, developing themed concerts in collaboration with ensembles, and through the programming of works by established international figures. It further promotes awareness of the medium through free public workshops on the aesthetics and practice of spatial music.