Sounding Out the Space

An International Conference on the Spatiality of Sound


Spatial Reverberations – a collaboration between artist Mark Garry and composer Gráinne Mulvey

As the theme of the conference is the relationship between sound and space, this collaboration brings together the artist Mark Garry and the composer Gráinne Mulvey to create a sound/space installation in St. Laurence’s Church on DIT’s Grangegorman Campus. The project will involve two interrelated sonic interventions, enabling a situation where ancient and contemporary musical technologies combine to sonically articulate and activate an interior and exterior space. Mark Garry is currently in the process of creating a number of temporary outdoor sonic sculptures – modelled on the Aeolian harp of ancient Greece – whose sound is completely dependant upon the strength and direction of the air movement that passes through its strings. These sculptures use a resonator that naturally amplifies the harmonic frequencies generated by the vibrating strings. The sounds generated will form the material basis for an installation by the composer Gráinne Mulvey that will capture the sounds of the sculptures using contact microphones and transmit them to the venue in real-time. The sounds will then be subject to a number of processes within the interior space of the church involving fixed and live compositional elements. The installation will thus operate on a number of different levels simultaneously, exploring the relation between ancient and modern technologies as well as between interior space (St. Laurence's Church) and exterior space (the Grangegorman campus).

Mark Garry

Mark Garry Portrait

Mark Garry is an artist, curator, writer, educator and occasional musician who lectures in Painting, Sculpture and Interdisciplinary Studies at the Dublin School of Creative Arts. His work explores the subjectivity of perception and the way in which human beings navigate their immediate environment. Although his practice incorporates a variety of media, he specialises in site-specific installations notable for their refined delicacy which make us of a variety of natural and crafted materials such as coloured threads, woodcarvings, beads and origami. Music and sound play a prominent role in his practice, both as a conceptual framework and as an integrated component of his installations. His most recent exhibition was A Certain Kind of Light, a group exhibition at Towner Art Gallery, Eastbounre. Recent solo exhibitions include A New Quiet, Royal Hibernian Academy (2015); Lafayette Projects, Marseille; City Gallery, Charleston, South Carolina; The Model, Sligo (all 2014); ENart Taichung, Taiwan (2013); University of Ulster, Belfast (2011); MiMA, Middlesbrough; Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane (both 2009) and Douglas Hyde Gallery (2006).

Gráinne Mulvey

Grainne Mulvey Portrait

Gráinne Mulvey is Head of Composition at the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama and a member of Aosdána – Ireland’s state academy of creative artists. Her music mediates between an arresting sensuousness and an abrasive complexity exploring dense contrapuntal textures, extended techniques and spectrally derived harmonies. Her most recent music is increasingly concerned with a sense of place – with the natural world and mankind’s relationship with that world. She has completed a number of site-specific installations and frequently collaborates with both visual artists and sculptors. Her music has been performed by all of the major ensembles in Ireland and she has received several commissions from the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra. Her work has also been performed by the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, The Northern Sinfonia, UK, The Hradrec Králové Orchestra, Prague, The Romanian Radio Chamber Orchestra and Orchestre National De Lorraine, France.

Concerts – the Spatial Music Collective

spatial music collective logo

The Spatial Music Collective is a group of like-minded Dublin-based composers working in the field of spatial contemporary music. Since 2006 they have presented numerous performances of new musical works with a dynamic and novel spatial component, incorporating both electronic and acoustic forces. The collective seeks to foster an awareness of contemporary and experimental music through the creation of new work, developing themed concerts in collaboration with ensembles, and through the programming of works by established international figures. It further promotes awareness of the medium through free public workshops on the aesthetics and practice of spatial music.

During the Sounding Out the Space Conference the Spatial Music Collective will present two concerts of spatial music involving both live and electronic music in St. Laurence’s Church. These concerts will be curated by Enda Bates and Adrian Smith and will feature works from conference delegates and members of the collective.

More events will be scheduled so keep an eye on this space....